[Quickbase US Status] Notice: Data Center Switch (Planned) - Down Time

03/12/2023, 09:00am EDT

[Quickbase US Status] Notice: Data Center Switch (Planned) - Down Time

Status: closed
Start: 03/12/2023, 07:10am EDT
End: 03/12/2023, 09:00am EDT
Duration: 1 hour 50 minutes
Affected Components:
Quickbase Service - US Region Quickbase Audit Logs - US Region Quickbase Automations - US Region Quickbase Billing - US Region Quickbase Pipelines - US Region Quickbase Platform Analytics - US Region Quickbase RESTful APIs - US Region Quickbase Sync - US Region Quickbase Webhooks - US Region

03/12/2023, 07:10am EDT

03/12/2023, 07:10am EDT

Our apologies for the incorrect start time on the prior e-mail for our planned maintenance on Sunday, March 12.  The correct start time is 7:10 AM Eastern US Time.  Our service page tool added one hour because the time changes in most parts of the United States ("spring forward") on Sunday, March 12.

In January, we informed realm and account admins for customers of the Quickbase platform about our plan to transition parts of the US Instance of the Quickbase platform between our existing hosting locations during the first half of 2023 and introduce a new hosting location in the second half of 2023. This hosting transition will be accomplished using planned down time similar to the data center switches we typically do 2-3 times per year.

No action will be needed by customers aside from being aware of the planned down time as it is announced during 2023.

A full explanation of the hosting transition, and a visual depiction of the milestones are linked to in this Quickbase Community post.

On the weekend of March 11-12, we will have planned down time to perform two data center switches as the next customer facing steps of our hosting transition.

Quickbase US will be unavailable during this maintenance.

The maintenance windows for the Quickbase US Instance will be:

  • Saturday, March 11, between 12:10 AM and 3:00 AM Eastern US Time (Switching the active location of the platform from Flexential-Colorado to AWS-Oregon)
  • Sunday, March 12, between 7:10 AM and 9:00 AM Eastern US Time (Switching the active location of the platform from AWS-Oregon to Flexential-Colorado)


03/12/2023, 09:00am EDT

03/12/2023, 09:00am EDT

As of 7:40 AM Eastern US Time, the active location of the US Instance of the Quickbase platform is Flexential-Colorado

The platform is running normally as of the planned end time of this maintenance window (9:00 AM Eastern US Time).

We have completed our verification of the platform in this location.

Note, you are likely receiving this e-mail closer to 9:40 AM Eastern US Time.

This incident is closed.